Callisto Tour Teacher Toolkit

Prepare your students for success before, during, and after the tour using these free resources.

Teacher Toolkit

Download these resources to prepare for your tour experience.

Extension Activities

Optional extension activities to engage students before and after the tour.
More Ways to Explore

Extra Resources to engage your students beyond the tour.

Cisco Networking Academy transforms the lives of learners, educators, and communities through the power of technology, education and career opportunities. Available to anyone, anywhere.
Get ready for a career that’s out of this world. In this new virtual series, hear experiences from experts in the aerospace field, see behind the scenes how Lockheed Martin develops space innovations, and learn about starting a career in Space.
Inspire the next generation of artificial intelligence engineers by teaching your students to code their own Alexa Skills using block code on MIT’s App Inventor platform.
Extend learning about NASA’s Artemis missions with hands-on activities, videos, books, and more.


What will my class see on the tour?

On the tour, students will learn about Callisto, the special technology experiment flying on board the Orion spacecraft in NASA’s Artemis I mission. Along the way students learn how we’re getting to space, the science behind deep space communication, new telemetry displays, deep space video communication and whiteboard collaboration, voice artificial intelligence, a radiation experiment, and experience a pre-recorded live demo of the technology in action. Students also get to meet engineers from Amazon Alexa, Lockheed Martin, and Webex by Cisco that made this technology happen!

How long is the tour?

Our Kahoot! tour experience is designed to take 45 min to 1 hour.

Will there be a live tour?

Due to scheduling and the limited duration of the Artemis I mission, there will be limited live tours after the rocket launches. These tours will be recorded and the Kahoot! version will live beyond the mission.

What grade levels can attend?

We recommend the tour for any grade 4 and above. The tour includes content accessible to each grade and teachers can use the Teacher Toolkit to adjust learning how they see fit.

What computer science topics will be covered on the tour?

The following science topics will be introduced and explained in real-life context during the tour: payload, latency, codec, radiation, telemetry, Artemis, Deep Space Network, radio waves, voice ai, bandwidth

Can I share my screen to my remote learners?

Kahoot! is best played by projecting the tour in a classroom with students connecting via their own devices. You may also choose to assign the Kahoot! to students individually or project the Kahoot! and work through it together as a class.

What student data is collected?

All student responses collected during the Kahoot! experiences are anonymous.

How much does this cost?

The tour, and all materials included in the accompanying Teacher Toolkit, are provided to teachers at no cost.

Can individual students sign up by themselves, independent of a class?

Yes, absolutely. Anyone can sign up using the same link as classes if they desire a computer science themed tour. Students may find the tours on Kahoot! by visiting the Amazon Future Engineer landing page or visiting our Callisto Tour website.

Who can I contact for questions?

Please reach out to for any questions.
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