Amazon Future Engineer is a computer science education and career exploration program that seeks to afford all young people the opportunity to explore their potential. We invest in research to uncover gaps and identify solutions to help students in their education or career journey.

Previous publications and reports
Making sure America’s youth can identify, pursue and thrive in a rewarding career is deeply important. That’s why Gallup and Amazon have partnered to provide the data and tools to help guide young adults and those who advise them.
Explore the most recent career-level data on income, job growth, job vacancies per seeker and automation risk.
Discover students’ engagement with computer science and continual growth in tech-related jobs.
Both in-school and out-of-school offerings of computer science (CS) learning opportunities are expanding, but their influences on CS career interests are unclear. We interpret these findings to suggest that out-of-school CS learning may offer more exposure to CS professionals and real-world challenges, which may foster students’ CS career interests.
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