Computer Science Learning Childhood to Career

We provide free computer science curriculum and teacher training to schools. Each offering is standards-aligned, culturally responsive, and requires no prior coding experience. Anyone can teach these courses. Sign up today to help broaden access to careers in technology!

We’ve teamed up with and BootUp Professional Development to bring elementary computer science teacher training and curriculum to teachers and districts around the country. Educators can also experience our one-time or one week projects to allow their students the ability to explore computer science in fun and engaging ways.
To address the critical drop-off in computer science enrollment numbers in 6th grade, we offer engaging and real-world CS exploratory experiences and curriculum. We sponsor three providers and ProjectSTEM to meet educator and student’s needs where they are with a variety of curriculum and educator professional development options.
We know high school is a critical time period for students. Our programming helps students explore careers of the future while providing a clear path from secondary to post-secondary through our scholarship and internship opportunity. Our partners at and ProjectSTEM offer a wide array of introductory and advance curriculum options and teacher training.
Amazon Future Engineer students can boost futures for themselves and their communities. We provide 40K scholarships and a guaranteed internship at Amazon to high school seniors pursuing computer science degrees in college.
Teachers at title one schools that sign-up to use our sponsored curriculum receive a paid Computer Science Teachers Association Plus (CSTA+) level membership for 1-year, gain eligibility for our Teacher Ambassador Fellowship Experience, Amazon Future Engineer Teacher and Classroom swag, and obtain first access and opportunities to pilot cutting edge career and computer science exploration offerings from Amazon Future Engineer.
Advancing Computer Science for Indigenous Students and Communities
We partner with Indigitize Computer Science to support Indigenous students and school districts access culturally responsive CS curriculum and computer science exploration experiences. Indigitize Computer Science was launched in partnership with the One Gen Fund as a new CS initiative launched initially in New Mexico and expanding to Arizona, South Dakota, and other Indigenous communities across the United States.
We work with district administrators to align our offerings to their existing district-wide STEM programing, preparing their students for careers of the future with the additional support of Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Amazon Future Engineer curriculum offerings?

Students, teachers, and school administrators who believe in the power of computer science and are eager to learn new tools to make a real change in their community through technology. Our programs are open to all, however we provide additional benefits to educators serving students underserved and historically underrepresented in the STEM field.

Is the program free?

Yes! It is a free program designed to help more teachers than ever in underserved schools reach more students with computer science. We offer curriculum, professional development, and extra benefits to support teachers.

Where can I go to get my questions answered about curriculum opportunities?

Go to the appropriate grade level pages above to learn about providers who will answer your specific questions about our computer science curriculum and training opportunities.
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