We bring the joy of computer science to elementary classrooms to prepare students for the careers of the future. Through project-based learning, students learn to code their own animations, games, apps, and more.

Elementary Computer Science Course Options

Choose between either of our national providers to bring free, computer science programming to your school or district.


Code.org uses engaging tools, videos, and classroom-tested teaching methods that lower barriers to learning and encourage diversity and equity in the classroom. Code.org offers multiple teacher training options to prepare teachers to teach their curriculum, no experience required. You can sign-up today!

  • Free Asynchronous Online Training
  • In-Person Training Options (free in some areas)
Designed to be fun and engaging, Computer Science Fundamentals courses blend online and “unplugged” non-computer activities to teach students computational thinking, problem solving, programming concepts and digital citizenship. The six courses are optimized for grades K-5 and each include 10-25 hours of instructed learning over several lessons. Students will create their own games, art, and digital stories that they can share.
This curriculum allows students to learn computer science concepts at the same time as learning other subjects like language arts, math, and science — with more to come. The curriculum has options for teachers who’d like to incorporate computer science into their lesson plans for other subjects, as well as CS educators who want to reinforce what students are learning in other subjects.
BootUp Professional Development

BootUp uses a combination of free open-source curricula and long-term professional development to customize and support implementation to engage students and create equitable CS programs for all. BootUp prepares teachers to facilitate open-ended coding projects in free platforms.

  • District wide in-person and virtual training
Young coders create a variety of fun and engaging projects while learning the foundation of coding concepts and practices by creating interest-driven coding projects using a block-based platform. View more than 100+ lessons that are not only project-based, but also personally meaningful. Students choose something that is interesting to them and find a way to explore that interest with code through design, music, art, animation, games, or stories.
This sponsorship provides everything your district needs to implement a sustainable district-wide elementary computer science initiative. This includes professional development workshops, ongoing model teaching and coaching, curricula and teacher lesson plans, and an online Instructional Coach Course to ensure the sustainability of the program.
Teachers at title one schools that sign-up to use Amazon Future Engineer sponsored curriculum receive a paid Computer Science Teachers Association Plus (CSTA+) level membership for 1-year, gain eligibility for our Teacher Ambassador Fellowship Experience, Amazon Future Engineer Teacher and Classroom swag, and obtain first access and opportunities to pilot cutting edge career and computer science exploration offerings from Amazon Future Engineer.
Real World Exploration

Early exposure to tech industry careers and computer science learning experiences increases student likelihood to enroll in computer sciences in high school and college.

An inspired week-long learning experience that encourages students to explore how music, coding and entrepreneurship can be tools to advance social change.
From our online store to your doorstep, discover how computer science, state-of-the-art engineering, and our incredible Amazonians makes it possible to deliver every customer’s orders, with a virtual tour through Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.
From launchpad to lunar orbit, discover how Amazon is testing new technology that could help future astronauts solve challenges of deep space during NASA’s Artemis I flight test.
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