K-12 Programs for School Districts

We believe in a world in which all young people can realize their potential as creators, thinkers, and builders. Reducing obstacles between students and educators to join exciting careers of the future is the central mission of Amazon Future Engineer.

We partner with BootUp PD to provide districts across the country 3-years of computer science supports at no cost, including professional development workshops, ongoing model teaching and coaching, curricula and teacher lesson plans, and more. This model starts with establishing sustainable computer science in elementary school as the foundation and can build to complement middle and high school programming.

Applications are currently closed for this sponsorship.
  • Hear what District Leaders have to say about Amazon Future Engineer
    “Learning computer science skills early gives children agency over an increasingly complex and technologically sophisticated world. Coding offers a fresh perspective to approach learning in every subject! To be future ready, I believe every child should be encouraged to code! I am excited for elementary teachers in Hamilton County to join the Amazon Future Engineer initiative and to participate in BootUp’s Professional Development. I look forward to supporting teachers as they blend coding lessons with innovative teaching practices to grow the foundational computer science, engineering, and collaborative skills in students and themselves.”
    Michelle Bettis, Technology Integration Coach for Hamilton
  • Hear what District Leaders have to say about Amazon Future Engineer
    “We are grateful to our partners Amazon and BootUp for helping us expand our computer science education programs. This initiative will literally open the doors of opportunity for our students to discover innovative solutions to problems in their communities, explore new means of communication and creative expression, and learn about college majors or careers they might never thought were possible.”
    Megan K. Reilly, Interim Superintendent Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Hear what District Leaders have to say about Amazon Future Engineer
    “Access to high quality STEM programming, including computer science, is not only central to our vision as a district, but it can open up a world of opportunities for our students. This partnership will provide both innovative lessons for our students and training for our teachers, and we thank Amazon and BootUp for bringing this exciting opportunity to our classrooms.”
    LaTanya D. McDade, Chicago Public Schools Chief Education Officer
Our Programs

Districts and educators can use any of our program offerings independently to excite and prepare students for computer science and careers of the future.

We bring the real world into the classroom in fun and meaningful ways to help students make connections between the world around them, their interest and future career options. Engage students in a variety of activities relevant to them, and highly rated from students and educators alike.
We invite students and teachers to explore the world of computer science through a variety of project-based learning units. Use code to make music, program robots, connect with industry experts, and solve real-world problems.
Providing thousands of classrooms with quality computer-science teacher professional development and course curriculum means making sure educators have the tools they need to feel confident in the classroom. We’ve designed all our offerings to not only be easy for students to pick up, but also be simple enough for teachers without any prior coding experience to succeed, and help their students succeed, too.
Amazon Future Engineer students can boost futures for themselves and their communities. We provide 40K scholarships and a guareenteed internship at Amazon to high school seniors pursuing computer science degrees in college.
Our K-12 Pathway to Careers of the Future
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