Code Your Own Alexa Skills

Inspire the next generation of artificial intelligence engineers by teaching your students to code their own Alexa Skills using block code on MIT’s App Inventor platform.

Choose the curriculum that’s right for you:
For high school biology and science teachers. The National Science Teaching Association created a five-day learning experience that exposes students to ideas about artificial intelligence (AI) and computer programming in the context of life science. Students design an Alexa skill to help monitor astronauts’ physical health during deep-space exploration. Curriculum includes all lesson plans and student-facing materials and is aligned to NGSS standards.
For Computer Science Principles Teachers. In Mobile CSP‘s Alexa in Space unit, students explore artificial intelligence concepts and create Alexa skills to help inexperienced space travelers, such as tourists, complete everyday tasks in a microgravity environment. This unit can be completed after the AP CSP exam and is available through a free interactive e-book.


Can families join or only classrooms?

Everyone is welcome! The experiences are designed to be easy for teachers to integrate into classrooms, but anyone can sign up and join the tour or access curriculum to code Alexa skills. Our current classroom experience will be for grades 9+ (Ages 14 and older).

How much does this cost?

The curriculum and access to MIT app inventor are provided to teachers at no cost.

When will the curriculum be available?

The curriculum will be available in Fall 2022 after the conclusion of beta testing.

What grade levels can participate in the Alexa for Astronauts curriculum?

Both curricula are designed for high school students in grades 9 and above. The Mobile CSP Alexa in Space curriculum is designed for students who are currently enrolled in or have completed an AP computer science course. The National Science Teaching Association’s Alexa for Astronauts: Using AI to Monitor Health lesson set is designed for high school science classrooms. Students do not need to have a computer science background for the curriculum.

How can I access the curriculum?

We will have two curricula available from our partners NSTA and Mobile CSP, available on our partners’ sites. Be sure to sign up to join the waitlist to learn when it becomes available!

Who can I contact for help?

Reach out to for help.
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