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We partner with thousands of nonprofits across the U.S. to address critical social issues, using our resources, infrastructure, people, and passion for innovation to help build stronger communities.
Amazon Future Engineer provides free community access to STEM opportunities and resources, including virtual field trips, hands-on challenges, lesson plans, and scholarships.
Young people overlook viable career pathways when planning their future.
Los estudiantes de último año de escuela secundaria recibieron una beca Amazon Future Engineer de $40.000 para estudiar informática a partir de este otoño con la oportunidad de realizar una pasantía remunerada.
High school seniors received a $40,000 Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship to study computer science starting this fall with a paid internship opportunity.
Amazon expands the reach of its childhood-to-career computer science education program that provides underserved and underrepresented communities access to STEM education.
Native American students are among the most underrepresented in computer science. Amazon Future Engineer is committing $2.25 million to engage 10,000 Indigenous students in computer science by 2025.
From thousands of applicants, Amazon selected 10 educators who inspire a love of computer science, especially in students from historically underrepresented communities.
Amazon Future Engineer surprised 250 students with news of the award—let’s meet a few of them.
Amazon Future Engineer sorprendió a 250 estudiantes con la noticia del premio. Conozcamos a algunos de ellos.
Amazon and Lockheed Martin are sending Alexa to space as part of Callisto, a technology demonstration on NASA’s upcoming Artemis I mission.
The “Your Voice is Power” competition allows students to sound off about social justice—by coding music remixes.
Amazon Future Engineer launches “Meet an Amazonian,” a learning opportunity that connects students from more than 3,000 Title I schools with Amazon employees to learn more about computer science careers
Scholarships and grants are being awarded to the winners of “Your Voice is Power,” a music remix competition that encourages students to examine racial equity through music—while learning to code.
Ten educators are named Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year among thousands of eligible applicants for their outstanding work to promote diversity and inclusion in computer science and beyond.
Amazon is urging Congress and legislatures across the U.S. to support—and fund—computer science education in public schools, especially in underrepresented communities.
Applications now open for Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship program.
New computer science curriculum focuses on equity to reach more high school students, starting in five key states.
The donation will support Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Science Academy, a program that provides free computer science curricula for schools that teach students from underserved and underrepresented communities around the world.
With applications now open for the latest 100 Amazon Future Engineer scholarships, current recipients share their advice for making the best of distance learning.
Amazon Lab126 supplies 1,000 project design kits to underrepresented students for The Tech Interactive’s annual Tech Challenge. Registration is now open for students.
Amazon recently commissioned a study to explore the timely need for more computer science and STEM education for students from underserved and underrepresented communities to best prepare them for jobs of the future.
Amazon Future Engineer is adding more than 3,000 new schools to support over 5,000 total schools, and more than 550,000 students across the U.S. each year, in addition to launching a new coding competition for all students.
How Amazon is helping educators create safe and productive learning environments for students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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