About Amazon Future Engineer

Amazon Future Engineer is a computer science and STEM education program that seeks to afford all young people the opportunity to explore their potential.


We harness Amazon’s scale and innovative spirit to inspire and prepare young people for the careers of the future through computer science. We don’t believe everyone needs to be an engineer, yet we do believe that even a basic exposure to computer science can help young people on their educational and career journey.


We seek a world where young people can realize their potential as creators, thinkers, and builders.

STEM Opportunities Childhood to Career
What makes our program unique?
We lead efforts to improve computer science education on two fronts. First, we invest in the education system to make computer science and STEM careers more accessible to students from underserved communities and those with underrepresented identities in the tech industry. Next, we hold our role as a large tech company to support students with $10 million in annual scholarships — a 4-year, $40,000 scholarship paired with a guaranteed internship after freshman year in college for 250 students each year.
Why are we doing this?
Anyone deserves access to a high paying job, and the education required to get there. Too many young people are denied access by virtue of educational barriers experienced early in life persisting to career. We seek to address these barriers in cases where we can do the most good. We bring Amazon’s unique assets to bear if it will help young people, and we also lift up the nonprofits they, their parents, and their teachers in their community trust. At the end of the day, we seek to help young people thrive in their community—both now and in future generations.
What do we want to change?
Most public elementary and high schools, particularly in underserved and underrepresented communities, do not offer computer science classes. Despite this, trends show that computer science job openings are on the rise and unfortunately there are not enough graduates with the skills to apply for those jobs.

But with a quality computer science education linked to real-world career exposure and job opportunity, we can help young people unleash their potential and their creativity to become the future engineers that will change the world.
Who can sign up for Amazon Future Engineer programs?
Students, teachers, school administrators, and parents/guardians who believe in the power of computer science and are hungry to learn new tools to make a real change in their community. Join our mailing list below or sign up on this website.
More ways to explore with Amazon Future Engineer
Bring career exposure to your classroom by connecting your students with Amazonians across the country!
We provide thousands of Classrooms with quality computer-science teacher training and curriculum to make sure educators have the tools they need to feel confident in the classroom
Amazon Future Engineer students can boost their future for themselves and their community with the support of college funding, paid internships, and industry mentors.
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For media/communications inquiries about Amazon Future Engineer, please e-mail amazon-pr@amazon.com and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Questions about AFE

If you don’t find the answer you were looking for, write to afe-contact@amazon.com and we will gladly clarify any questions regarding our programs.

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