Callisto: Space Innovation Tour

Come aboard the Orion spacecraft and discover the inner workings of new, special space technology that flew to the Moon during NASA’s Artemis I flight test.

An out-of-this-world experience
for all students
STEM + Career Focused
Students gain exposure to the careers of the future as they discover how engineers are using science to bring voice artificial intelligence (Amazon’s Alexa), video conferencing, telemetry, and more to deep space during NASA’s Artemis I flight test.
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Aligned to Standards
The 50 minute, interactive tour is aligned to Next Generation Science (NGSS) and CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards. The Teacher Toolkit includes a facilitation guide, worksheets, and other resources to support learning during the tour. Recommended for grades 4+.
Play it on Kahoot!
The fun, game-like tour will be available for FREE on Kahoot! to all interested classrooms and families. Students can play each other while learning about new deep space technology being tested in NASA’s Artemis I flight test. No account required.
Hosting a tour provides the best experience for classrooms with 1:1 devices. Educators run their own tour and enable students to compete against their classmates as they explore the technology and careers of the future. Host the full tour (50 min) or split tour (two 25 min tours).
For solo learners or classrooms without devices, use the link below to access the single player tour. Players move through the tour at their own pace and compete against previous players. Teachers can also project this tour on their big screen if they do not have student devices.
Our Teacher Toolkit provides educators with guides, worksheets, and extension activities aligned with CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Use these materials to discover all the possibilities with computer science learning and careers of the future, and to set students up for success before, during and after the tour.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my class see on the tour?

On the tour, you will learn how NASA’s Orion spacecraft is getting to the Moon, how we communicate with spacecraft using the Deep Space Network, and how new deep space technologies experiments from Amazon, Lockheed Martin, and Webex were tested in space. View a highlight reel of the demo being tested while in flight by the Moon! See the Teacher Toolkit to learn more.

How long is the tour?

The Kahoot! tour is designed to take 45 min to 1 hour and can be adjusted to fit your class schedule with the split tour option.

Is there a recording of the tour that I can use with my class instead?

Yes! Play the tour on Kahoot! at anytime. Students can compete with each other on embedded trivia as they complete the tour in class or at home.

What grade levels can attend?

We recommend the tour for any grade 4 and above. The tour includes content accessible to each grade and teachers can use the Teacher Toolkit to adjust learning how they see fit.

What STEM topics will be covered on the tour?

The following STEM topics will be introduced and explained in real-life context during the tour: Deep Space Network, payloads, radio waves, latency, codecs, bandwidth, radiation, telemetry, and voice artificial intelligence.

See the Teacher Toolkit to learn more.

Can I share my screen to my remote learners?

For Kahoot!, you can either share your screen and students play on their own devices, share your screen and students play together as a class, or assign the Kahoot! to your students to complete individually.

What student data is collected?

We do not collect personal student information on either tour. If a teacher does have a Kahoot! accounts, they can assign the tour to their students to track their students’ progress, but individuals’ information is not shared with Amazon.

How much does this cost?

The tour, and all materials included in the accompanying Teacher Toolkit, are provided to teachers at no cost. You do not need a paid Kahoot! account to take the tour - sign up for a free teacher account on Kahoot! or utilize the solo play links on our website to play completely free.

Can individual students sign up by themselves, independent of a class?

Yes, absolutely. Students can also play the Kahoot! version of the tour on their own.

Why can't I see the videos when I play the tour in Kahoot! ?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Videos are embedded from YouTube, and if blocked by a firewall, will appear as black screens or not play. If your school has YouTube blocked, please have them whitelist the links to each video in the tour.

Who can I contact for questions?

Please reach out to for any questions.
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