Your Voice is Power

Explore how music, coding
and entrepreneurship can
effect positive change

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What is Your Voice is Power?
Make beats. Learn code. Promote equity.

Your Voice is Power is a project-based curriculum and national remix competition that introduces the fundamentals of computer science to students through an exploration of music and social change. Across five learning modules, students engage in fun activities and thought-provoking discussions to learn how these topics intersect.

Built in collaboration with Pharrell Williams’ education nonprofit YELLOW, this one-week program challenges students to express their own voice, write code using Georgia Tech’s EarSketch platform, and create an original song remix that promotes equity.

The Your Voice is Power Remix Competition is open to elementary, middle and high school students. The Your Voice is Power project-based curriculum is designed to engage MS & HS students.
Congratulations to our 2022 Grand Prize Winners!

Check out their amazing Your Voice is Power winning remixes!

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Your Voice is Power
Remix Competition

Learn. Create. Compete for prizes.

Can coding + composing = promoting equity? Yes!

At the end of the learning experience, students who participate in Your Voice is Power have the option to submit their songs and equity-minded reflections into a national remix competition.

Songs with social change themes from top recording artists, including “Entrepreneur” – a celebration of Black entrepreneurship – by Pharrell Williams, “Underdog” by Alicia Keys, and “New Normal” by Khalid, provide students with inspiration and music stems for their compositions.

No experience is necessary to enter. Remixed song submissions will be judged based on music, code and message to promote equity by a panel of industry professionals.

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The Your Voice is Power Curriculum includes lesson plans, slide decks, engaging videos, and student workbooks. It focuses on the fundamentals of computer science while exploring how music, coding and entrepreneurship can be tools to advance social change.
Featured Videos
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Beatrice Dixon, Co-Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company share her Top 6 Tips for entrepreneurs and the importance of entrepreneurship and equity.

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Layer of Songs

Music Technologist Chalece DeLaCoudray and Audio Engineer Mike Larson code sound layers in EarSketch. Mike Larson has worked with Pharrell as his Recording Engineer for over 10 years. Chalece was the first African American to receive a Masters in Music Technology from Georgia Tech.

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Decode the Message in the Music

Dr. Joycelyn Wilson, Assistant Professor of Hip Hop Studies and Digital Media at Georgia Tech, schools us on messaging in music and how to decode it with her groundbreaking method, The O.U.T.K.A.S.T Imagination.

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Song Structure

Music Technologist Chalece DeLaCoudray and Audio Engineer Mike Larson code song structure in EarSketch using functions.

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    Check out our ‘Your Voice is Power Remix Competition’ 2022 Winners
    As Paul was learning computer science and coding his song for the Your Voice is Power competition, he realized; if he can make it this far, others like him could do the same.

    “There are intelligent people here (in Guam) who I know for sure can succeed in this field, but they sell themselves short because they do not believe in themselves. One day, I plan to change that by spreading the message that computer science can truly lead to equity. I believe it can level the playing field so that anyone who has the opportunity to learn computer science can succeed.”
    Paul C. • Grade 11 • Simon A. Sanchez High School • Yigo, Guam
  • Mandy Deng profile picture
    Check out our ‘Your Voice is Power Remix Competition’ 2022 Winners
    Mandy understood the power of her voice and wanted to use it and her song to embrace diverse thoughts and dreams; to help people let go of stereotypes.

    “I see a lot of people being stereotyped and that keeps them from following their dreams. With community coming together, we can get rid of stereotypes and bring equality to everyone. I want my song to reach the ones in need of hope for achieving their dreams and help for letting go of daily struggles.”
    Mandy D. • Grade 10 • Lane Tech High School • Chicago, Illinois
  • David Deutsch profile picture
    Check out our ‘Your Voice is Power Remix Competition’ 2022 Winners
    David focused on how hopeful the song “Entrepreneur” sounds, despite the serious message, because it was written in C-major. He chose to code in an alternate key to create a song with a different emphasis.

    “I chose to make a remix that would focus more on a Call-to-Action. I chose C-minor as my key, which though energetic, is far less negative than most minor keys. Moreover, through the falsetto vocal, which retains some C-major in my song, I kept some of the hope that makes Entrepreneur’s message so potent.”
    David D. • Grade 9 • University City High School • San Diego, CA
  • Christopher Garcia profile picture
    Check out our ‘Your Voice is Power Remix Competition’ 2022 Winners
    Music has always had a place in Christopher’s heart. When listening to music, he hears the beats and the message. That is why he wanted to use his song to convey a strong message to young people of color – Become UNSTOPPABLE.

    “These words resonated with me the most during my life. With this song I’ve programmed, I want to spread the word of equity. As a Mexican-American, I fully support and condone equity for all human beings, for we are but one race; the human race.”
    Christopher G. • Grade 10 • Forshay Learning Center • Los Angeles, CA
  • Josie Paik profile picture
    Check out our ‘Your Voice is Power Remix Competition’ 2022 Winners
    Josie’s song is about the power of empathy and working together, especially when fighting discrimination, to open the door for personal growth, progress and change.

    “Using EarSketch to gain access to musical and coding expertise, I was reminded of how many opportunities technology provides. This competition reminds me of what can occur when people work together. Everyone began with the same sound clips, but each made something completely different based on their own ideas and experiences.”
    Josie P. • Grade 12 • Agoura Hills High School • Agoura Hills, CA
Listen to their Winning Songs
(Click Image)


How and when will winners be chosen and notified? What are the prizes?

For Students: Georgia Tech will notify 10 Grand Prize Winners, 10 Finalists, and two Best Young Artists. Prizes: Grand Prize Winners will receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card, 10 Finalists will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card, and two Best Young Artists will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

For Teachers/Schools: Two teachers/schools per month (November and December) will receive a $325 Amazon Gift Card for the highest eligible Your Voice is PowerMusic/Coding Remix Competition total student song submissions.

Teachers of the 10 Grand Prize Winners will also receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

If I'm a teacher, how does this fit into my classroom/curriculum?

The provided curriculum is broken into 5-6 modules. Each module is written to take one class period (60 minutes) of instruction; however, teachers may move through the modules at their own pace. Each module comes with a scripted lesson plan, slide decks, digital student materials, exemplar code examples, and engaging videos! Review the materials to allot the time needed for your class to complete. All materials are aligned to the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards.

Can my students submit more than one song?

Yes! Students may submit as many unique songs in the competition as they would like.

Can students work in teams or must they submit individually?

Students can submit songs in partner pairs or individually. During the song submission process, students will be asked to provide the name and email of their partner (if they have one).

If I'm a student, should I complete on my own or with my class?

Up to you! You can certainly complete the challenge on your own (head to EarSketch now to get started)! You can also share the opportunity with your classroom teacher to see if your entire class can participate.

Do I have to use the curriculum to participate?

While strongly recommended, using the curriculum is entirely optional. The curriculum is provided to help educators guide meaningful discussion and instruct students on how to use EarSketch. Teachers may implement the curriculum however they see best for their classroom. Student winners will be judged based on their final song.

What languages are available and what countries can participate?

The curriculum is currently available in English and French (Canadian). The competition is currently available in English, French (Canadian), Inuktitut, and Ojibwe. While anyone can utilize the curricular resources and EarSketch platform, students and teachers must live in the US or Canada to be eligible to win. Refer to rules and regulations for US and Canada for more details.

Both US and Canadian students should submit their song utilizing the final submission link inside the EarSketch platform.

What materials (hardware/software) are required?

Students will need access to a web browser and internet to participate. EarSketch is a web based coding platform (no downloads necessary). EarSketch runs on chromebooks and any computer with a standard web browser.

All curriculum materials can be used digitally or can be printed out. No other equipment is required.

My class is fully virtual due to COVID-19. How will this impact my ability to deliver the curriculum?

The curriculum was designed to be delivered virtually. In December 2020, twenty four teachers piloted the full experience virtually with great success. While virtual instruction can make discussion and individual support tricky, the provided materials make it possible to deliver a rich and exciting learning experience to your students even from afar.

Who can I contact for questions about the competition or for help with EarSketch?

Please email for any questions regarding this competition or for help with EarSketch.

How do students submit their final songs?

Students may submit their songs directly from the EarSketch website by clicking “Submit to Competition” in the script menu. They can also go to the competition submission site and paste their script/song URL to submit a song. Click this link to read more detailed instructions.

I can't attend any of the trainings but I need support. What other training options exist?

All training sessions will be recorded and shared for those who cannot attend a live training. Please see the EarSketch Teacher Training site for more information.

Who created the Your Voice is Power Curriculum and Remix Competition?

Your Voice is Power Curriculum and Remix Competition was designed by educational experts in computer science and social justice instruction.


Sabrina Grossman, Program Director, CEISMC, Georgia Tech

Chalece DeLaCoudray, Innovator in Residence, CEISMC, Georgia Tech,

Joycelyn Wilson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Hip Hop Studies and DM, HipHop2020 Innovation Archive, Georgia Tech

Roxanne Moore, PhD, Senior Research Engineer, Georgia Tech

Stephanie Walters, YELLOW Foundation

Justin Funiliar, YELLOW Foundation

Mike Galliard, YELLOW Foundation

Krystal Hardy Allen, CEO, K. Allen Consulting

Jaritza Alecon, Associate Consultant, K. Allen Consulting

What is EarSketch?

EarSketch is a free web-based platform to help students of all ages learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun and engaging learning environment. EarSketch helps students learn to code in Python or JavaScript through manipulating loops, composing beats, remixing sounds, and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation.

What is YELLOW?

Founded by recording artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, YELLOW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to EVEN THE ODDS for all youth through education. YELLOW has a focus on five key priorities: Abolish Remedial, Revolutionize Teaching, Inspire Entrepreneurship, Nourish Youth, and Enlist Communities. Through these priorities, YELLOW will transform education and teach for the future, creating a lens of possibility.
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