Robotics FC Tours Teacher Toolkits

Prepare your students for success before, during, and after the tour using these free resources.

Elementary Kahoot! Toolkit

Grades K - 5

Secondary Kahoot! Toolkit

Grades 6+


What will my class see on the tour?

Our elementary Kahoot! version (Grades K-5) focuses on how hardware, software, and people work together to form a delivery system to safely get customers their order.

The secondary Kahoot! version (Grades 6+) and live tour dives deeper on the computer science, robotics, and machine learning involved in Amazon’s fulfillment process.

How long is the tour?

The elementary (K-5) Kahoot! experience should take about 45 minutes, and the secondary (grades 6+) Kahoot! is designed to take about an hour.

Our live tour is designed to be one hour total (45 minute live tour + 15 minutes live Q&A).

Is there a recording of the tour that I can use with my class instead?

Yes! Play the tour on Kahoot! with students as they compete against classmates while learning computer science and exploring careers. Trivia and reflection questions are embedded throughout the tour to keep students engaged and test their knowledge.

What grade levels can attend?

All grades can attend! The tours include content accessible to each grade and teachers can use the Teacher Toolkit to adjust learning how they see fit.

The Elementary Kahoot! is great for grades K-5, and the Secondary Kahoot! is great for grades 6+. Live is designed for grades 4+.

What computer science topics will be covered on the tour?

The following computer science topics will be introduced and explained in real-life context during the tour: algorithm, cloud computing, sensor, efficiency, database, quality control, machine learning, hardware, and software.

Can I share my screen to my remote learners?


The Kahoot! tours are best played by projecting the tour in a classroom with students connecting via their own devices. You may also choose to assign the Kahoot! to students individually or project the Kahoot! and work through it together as a class.

For live tours, you can screen share via your normal conference platform. You may also share your unique link with students so that they will be able to utilize the interactive portions (trivia and chat to tour guides).

What student data is collected?

All student responses collected during the Kahoot! experiences are anonymous.

If you are projecting the live tour in class to your students or screen-sharing to your remote learners, no student information is collected. You may share your unique link with students so they do not need to register, and no student information will be collected.

How much does this cost?

The tour, and all materials included in the accompanying Teacher Toolkit, are provided to teachers at no cost.

Can individual students sign up by themselves, independent of a class?

Yes, absolutely. Students may play independently on Kahoot! by visiting the Grades K-5 Kahoot! or the Grades 6+ Kahoot!.

For live tours, anyone can sign up using the live registration link if they desire a computer science themed tour.

When will in-person tours resume?

The safety of our employees and guests is our top priority. At this moment there is no set date for when public tours will resume.

When in person tours do resume, they will be limited to small groups, and will be a standard non-Amazon Future Engineer fulfillment center tour. These tours will not be tailored to students. Visit for more information on in person tours.

What type of accessibility accommodations do you offer for virtual tours?

To request a specific accommodation (i.e. ASL translation) for a live virtual tour, please reach out to ahead of registration to confirm we can support at your requested date and time.

The FC Tour team currently offers closed captioning on the general public video tour in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Czech. We are working to incorporate captioning into our live and Kahoot! Amazon Future Engineer virtual tours, but it is not available at this time.

Where can I go for a regular FC Tour?

Head to to join a non-computer science themed Amazon Virtual FC Tour.

Who can I contact for questions?

Please reach out to for any questions.

Something went wrong with my registration. Who should I contact?

If you believe something went wrong during your registration, email for assistance.
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