Get Class Chat Ready!

1. Download Teacher Toolkit. Get worksheets, slide decks, and pre/post classroom activities.

2. Request live captioning (if needed). Email with the date/time of your Class Chat

3. Check your tech. If you did not provide your own video conference link your Class Chats guest speaker will send you an Amazon Chime link. Check your system compatability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for a Class Chat?

Scroll up and sign up for a Class Chat using the buttons above!

Can anyone sign up for a Class Chat?

At this time, the live, virtual Class Chats are only available to classrooms/schools in the United States. Any US teacher may request a Class Chat for their classroom. If you are a nonprofit, after school program, or other entity serving students, please reach out to us directly at

Will my employee volunteer be a computer science professional or could they have a non-tech role at Amazon?

In an effort to show students the wide variety of roles in tech, we have recruited a diverse range of employees to participate in Class Chats. Some volunteers may be a software development engineer while others may be more focused on marketing or program support. Computer science impacts all jobs here at Amazon, so we hope your volunteer can illuminate the vast array of opportunities that exist in the tech sector.

What grade-levels can participate?

We recommend Class Chats for grades 5 and above. We will explore elementary Class Chats later this year, but think that the current model is best for middle and high school students.

How much does this cost?

All Class Chats are provided at no cost.

I teach multiple sections. Can I request multiple Individual Class Chats?

Yes! You can request a Class Chat for as many sections as you need. It’s possible that a volunteer may sign up to fulfill all your requests, or you may be paired with different volunteers for each one.

What conference platform do I need to use?

For the Career Exploration Panel webinar events, we utilize GoToWebinar. It runs in browser, so you will not need to download anything prior to the chat. Use this system check to make sure GoToWebinar is not blocked at your school.

For live, virtual Class Chats, you can choose the video conference system you prefer! You will own the calendar invite and can include your link for your volunteer speaker to join. If you don’t have a conference system, your volunteer can set a meeting up for your class on Amazon Chime.

My friend works at Amazon. Can I request them as our Class Chat volunteer?

You can let your friend know about Class Chats. If they are already involved, they can look for your request in our volunteer system. If they are not yet involved, they will need to complete training and can then search for your request. We cannot hold requests for specific volunteers at the moment.

I requested a live, virtual Class Chat, but never heard back. What should I do?

Please reach out to and let us know! We try our best to fulfill all requests, but its possible that something went wrong on our end. Please email us and we will try our best to fix the situation.

Who can I contact for help?

Reach out to for any additional support.
Your Class Chat is confirmed!

Your Class Chat is confirmed! An email and calendar invitation are on the way.

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