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Still image from video includes woman looking at camera ready to answer question.  Question text on image reads "Why are you passionate about your job?"
Meet Nneka, Product Sustainability Manager

Nneka is a research scientist working as a Principal Program Manager on the Product Sustainability team at Amazon. Learn about how she found out about this field, what she studied, and what she finds interesting and challenging in this work. This video was created in partnership with Tiggbee for their career exploration program.

Still image from video shows man ready to answer an on-screen question.  Question text reads "How did you get into game development?"
Meet Rich, Studio Director, Amazon Games

Meet Rich, programmer-turned-Studio-Director at Amazon Games. In his career journey video, he shares how he made a career out of his love for video games. Learn how he broke into the industry and what advice he has for students interested in careers in gaming.

Meet Maria, Software Development Engineer

Maria is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Robotics. She has an educational background in Aerospace Engineering and Ecology and all of her career thus far has been spent in the integration and test area of product development, allowing her to work with both hardware and software, diving deep into failure investigations + software. [10 minutes] ***Closed Captioning version coming soon***

Meet Brandon, AWS Startups Account Manager

Brandon is a passionate Account Manager supporting startups using AWS. Originally from Chicago, Brandon is a self-proclaimed “eternal student at heart” and has earned degrees in electrical and computer engineering, an MBA, and is also a lecturer at Stanford. Brandon uses his technical background to help new startup companies leverage Amazon’s best technologies to run their businesses. [10 minutes]***Closed Captioning version coming soon***

Meet Abe, Sr. Technical Product Manager, Disaster Relief

Abe is a Senior Technical Product Manager on the Disaster Relief by Amazon team. He is in charge of corporate donations and mobile disaster pick-up points. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Abe holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the UPR-Mayaguez and a MS in Information Security from Lipscomb University. [10 minutes] ***Closed Captioning version coming soon***

Meet Annie, Amazon Future Engineer Intern

Annie is an Amazon Future Engineer student intern and scholar, having completed two internships at Amazon (2020 and 2021). In this chat, Annie shares her journey into Computer Science and insights into what it is like to be a software development intern. [10 minutes] ***Closed Captioning version coming soon***

Featured Video: What’s it like to be an Engineer at Amazon?

Meet three Amazon Robotics employees. One from Hardware, Software, and Solutions. Learn how the hardware and software work together to make the best Amazon robotics solution possible, while meeting the people that make it happen! Each engineer describes their career and how it plays a role in making Amazon’s fulfillment centers run smoothly.

[4 minutes]

Featured Engineers:
Erica A. - Research Scientist, Hadware
Rohit R. - Software Development Manager
Julie M. - Head of Solutions Design & Engineering

Check out other live career panels! We offer live, interactive career panel events several times each year. To see upcoming panel events, visit our Class Chats page.

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Thinking about studying Computer Science in college?
AFE US Scholar Intern Video Thumbnail Video
My College Path

Hear from several Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) Scholarship recipients as they share their journey on how they decided on their post-secondary path and what their college experience has been. AFE scholars also open up about what resources and individuals helped them on their way to success.

Video 2 thumbnail.PNG
Why I’m Here

Join Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship winners as they share why their career choice was significant to them. In this video, current Amazon Interns provide insight on the specific barriers and challenges they faced and how it’s led them to where they are now. While sharing their experiences, many scholars talked about what role models they looked up to and how their identity shaped their career paths.

Video 3 thumbnail.PNG
Opening New Possibilities

Hear testimonies from current Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) Scholars as they reflect on what they are most excited about for their future career in Computer Science. AFE Scholarship winners share why choosing Computer Science was the most compelling path for them. Many of them also reflect on when, where, or who they first heard about Computer Science from.

On Demand Career Panels
Career Panel: Sustainability 101

Join Amazon Future Engineer and Amazon’s Sustainability Team for an introduction to Sustainability at Amazon. During this panel event, we will introduce you to four employees at Amazon who are actively working on The Climate Pledge, improving sustainability in different areas of our business including Transportation, and Buildings.
You’ll hear from each panelist about how their career journey led them to their current role in sustainability at Amazon and you’ll hear how they answered questions from the live audience. [45 minutes]

***This video was recorded with live Closed Captions***

Career Panel: Bytes + Beats - Tech in the Music Industry

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week 2021, Amazon Future Engineer + Georgia Tech present a free panel event to help students discover the intersection of technology and music careers. Amazon and music industry professionals share their career journeys, and give students a glimpse into how technology and computer science is integrated into the music industry. [60 minutes]

***This video was recorded with live Closed Captions***

Career Panel: Amazon Transportation 101

Presented in partnership with FIRST Lego League, students will meet experts from each part of our transportation process (“Global, First, Middle and Last Mile”) and discover what each speaker and their team do each day to make sure customer orders are delivered safely and correctly. [60 minutes] ***Closed Captioning coming soon***

Career Panel: Amazon Software Engineers

Meet four of Amazon’s software development engineers. They’ll share their career journey into computer science, and give you a glimpse into their daily work life. [60 minutes] ***Closed Captioning coming soon***

Career Panel: Amazon User Experience (UX) Designers

Learn about what UX (User Experience) Designers do at Amazon and how their career path led them to where they are now! On this panel you’ll meet some of our most creative and artistic employees, who use their design skills to enable Amazon technology and create great customer experiences. [60 minutes] ***Closed Captioning coming soon***

Career Panel: Student Internships with Amazon Future Engineer

Meet our Amazon Future Engineer Scholar Interns who each received scholarship to pursue computer science degrees and just completed their first paid summer at Amazon. Scholars will share about their personal journey from high school to college, and a bit about what it is like to enter the tech industry. [60 minutes] ***Closed Captioning coming soon***

Career Panel: Transportation for Good

Presented in partnership with First Lego League, students will meet Amazonians who help communities by leveraging Amazon’s transportation networks. Each speaker will present who they are, what they do, and a bit about the logistics that enable them to do good with transportation. [60 minutes] ***Closed Captioning version coming soon***

remarkably black in tech panel image
Career Panel: Remarkably Black in Tech

Watch the recording of our event celebrating Black excellence in tech at Amazon. Meet five incredible STEM professionals working at Amazon. Each has a unique story to tell about how they made the journey from high school to a career in tech. You’ll learn about their different pathways into tech, and connect the dots to understand what it takes to compete in the STEM industry.

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