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Ready to explore the careers of the future?
Take a Career Tour and explore the technology and careers that will power the future. Career Tours are free, interactive virtual field trips that inspire students to pursue careers of the future by exploring Amazon’s technologies. Tour whenever, wherever on Kahoot!. Preview the tours using the trailers below and click the button when you’re ready to play.
Callisto: Space Innovation Tour

Come aboard the Orion spacecraft and discover the inner workings of new, special space technology that flew to the Moon during NASA’s Artemis I flight test. Move through the tour at your own pace and compete against previous players!

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Keep exploring! Check out these fun tours
From our online store to your doorstep, discover how computer science, state-of-the-art engineering, and incredible people deliver customer orders at Amazon. Meet a hardware research scientist, software development manager, and manager of solutions design team from Amazon Robotics. Available in both a K-5 and Grades 6+ version.
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How did we go from renting DVDs from the store in the ‘ancient’ 1990s to being able to stream movies from anywhere at any time? Go behind the scenes of the cloud to discover the components of computers, how data is stored at data centers, and the hardware and protocols that send data around the world at the speed of light. Along the way, you will meet career professionals that work as a hardware engineer, fiber splicer, data center operations technician, and network engineer.
Imagine this - you go to take a selfie but as they snap the picture, the phone displays “There is not enough available storage to take a photo.” They want to free up some storage by uploading photos to the cloud, but is it safe and sustainable? On this second tour, explore the data center infrastructure, the physical and cybersecurity measures, and Amazon’s sustainability efforts that protect data and keep it green! Meet a data center engineering operator, control technician, cybersecurity specialist, and sustainability specialist to explore careers of the future.
Amazon Future Engineer provides free community access to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunities and resources, including virtual field trips, hands-on challenges, lesson plans, and scholarships.
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