Join us for the Hour of Code this Computer Science Education Week (December 5-9)

For Hour of Code 2022, Amazon Future Engineer and Amazon Alexa partnered to create two unique, space-themed learning opportunities for students in grades 4-12. Both activities are designed to inspire students to pursue careers in technology by showcasing the amazing technology and people at Amazon.

Recommended Activities:

Check out our two recommended activities below or utilize any of our Exploratory Learning programs for CS Ed Week 2022!

Students go behind-the-scenes of NASA’s Orion Spacecraft to discover how voice artificial intelligence and other experimental technology is heading to the moon as a part of Artemis I. The lesson is hosted on Kahoot! to keep students engaged during the tour. Although students don’t code in this lesson, they deepen their knowledge of AI, bandwidth, radiation, and more, AND they’ll watch interviews with six different engineers who helped create the technology.
During this 50-minute lesson, students learn to code their own space-themed Alexa skills and uncover the basics of voice artificial intelligence! No Amazon account or devices are required, and all skills are built under anonymous teacher-generated student accounts to protect student privacy. Students walk away with a new understanding of how voice AI assistants work and with the ability to program Alexa to run the skills they create in the future.
Keep exploring with other free programs:
We provide thousands of classrooms with quality computer-science teacher training and curriculum to make sure educators have the tools they need to feel confident in the classroom.
Discover how computer science, state-of-the-art engineering, and our incredible Amazonians makes it possible to deliver every customer’s orders, with a virtual tour through Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.
Amazon Future Engineer students can boost their future for themselves and their community with the support of college funding, paid internships, and industry mentors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What about elementary classrooms in grades K-3?

At this time, we are only supporting Hour of Code for grades 4-12. Teachers can always utilize our free programs to run their own Hour of Code - we recommend our K-5 Robotics Fulfillment Center Tour on Kahoot! We apologize for our limitations this year and hope to expand in 2023.

I have a friend who works for Amazon. Can I ask them to be my volunteer?

Yes! When you sign up, you can state that you already have a volunteer secured. We will be sure to match you in our system.

Can I request a volunteer for more than one class period?

Yes! You’ll tell us which dates, times, and classes you want a volunteer and we will try our best to match you for all.

Will I be paired with one volunteer per class period?

We will try to match you with 1-3 volunteers per class period.

Do I have to do this December 5-9? Can I do it the week after?

Yes. You can request a volunteer anytime from December 5-16.

Do I have to use these activities? Can I do a different one?

Unfortunately, we can only provide volunteers to support the two activities above. You can, of course, do any activity you want without a volunteer!

How much does this cost?

Everything is provided at no cost.

What student data is collected?

We do not collect personal student information in this experience. For the Space Tour, no student data is shared with Amazon. For Hour of AI, students utilize anonymous accounts (generated by the teacher) to code with Alexa. All student accounts and corresponding Alexa skills are delete six months after creation to further protect student privacy.

Who can I contact for help?

Reach out to for any additional support.
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