Alexa Skills Inventor
Training Options & Materials

Live Training

In preparation for the “Day of AI” on May 18, 2023, Amazon Future Engineer will host 4 live training sessions. Each session is a Zoom webinar that is 75 minutes long. Teachers who complete live training will receive a certificate of PD completion (1.5 hours).

Asynchronous Training on Kahoot!

If live training doesn’t work for you, complete our asynchronous training on Kahoot! below. The asynchronous training covers everything from live training, but can be completed whenever works for you. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete. All participants who complete training will be given an option to download a certificate of PD completion at the end.

Complete training at your own pace below.

Note: If you are unable to see the training below, you might need to enable third-party cookies in your browser. You can expand the window using the expand button in the top right side of the Kahoot! frame.

Lesson 1: Intro to Voice AI Materials

This lesson is perfect for 1-2 class periods in any subject area! The lesson covers the basics of voice AI and leads students through two tutorials. Students code Alexa to say “Hello, Moon!” and create a Space Trivia Generator. At the end, students dive deep into Alexa’s AI systems through an interview with Amazon’s Chief Alexa Evangelist.
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