Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Awards

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The Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Awards honor and recognize 10 all-star teachers working diligently to help students in underserved and underrepresented communities pursue futures in computer science and robotics.

Teacher of the Year

Award recipients will be formally recognized by Amazon and will receive $25,000 to expand computer science and/or robotics education at their school plus an additional $5,000 teacher cash award. Applications open January 26, 2021.

Do you teach at a Title 1 eligible school? Want to join Amazon Future Engineer to bring computer science to your students and be eligible next year? Sign up here!

Mohammad Ahmad - Bronx Academy of Letters, Bronx, NYC, NY
"I started teaching to make an impact on the lives of all students, to be an ally to students of color who often don't see themselves reflected in the staff of their schools, and to try to broaden the horizons of those students who might not have access to the same resources as those from higher income families. Computer science related work is the new booming industry, and a career in computer science can be life changing."
Debbie Grashin - KIPP Columbus High, Columbus, OH
“It means so much to me to know that the work I have been doing to build a growing computer science department for my students, who are traditionally underrepresented in CS fields, is valued by Amazon and the larger community. I am grateful for the AFE program for increasing access to computer science education for students from underserved communities.” See Debbie on the View!
Jacob Jun - Gonzales High School, Gonzales, CA
"My hope is to inspire students and let them know that—if I can win an award like this, they can do much more. My goal as a teacher is to give students that boost, a launchpad, and an extra hand. Being a part of this program and now winning this award, I'm looking forward to next year as we reach a new cohort of students ready to explore, build, and take advantage of this program to better themselves and their community."
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the criteria for applying to the Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Awards?
    To be eligible for the Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Awards, teachers must be a registered Amazon Future Engineer computer science teacher or part of the Amazon Future Engineer Robotics program in the US. Eligible AFE programs include: BootUp teachers (elementary), and Edhesive Teachers (middle and high), and AFE FIRST robotics coaches.

    Award recipients must be committed to returning to their school to teach computer science and/or robotics for the 2021-22 school year and will be chosen based on a variety of criteria including:
    - Dedication to educational equity in underserved communities
    - Commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within computer science education
    - Instructional excellence and record of student achievement
    - Recommendation from a school administrator

    We encourage teachers to start applications early to make time for a principal or colleague to submit your online recommendation.
  • What’s my prize if I am chosen as an award recipient?
    Award recipients will each receive $25,000 to support their school's computer science and/or robotics program/s. All awards checks are mailed to the teacher recipient’s permanent home mailing address made payable to the school. The awarding teacher will be responsible for delivering the check to the appropriate individual/department at their school for processing.

    Starting in 2021, award winners will each receive a $5,000 cash award in addition to their school award. This additional cash award will be made payable to the teacher award winner.

    Note: The award video above mentions that the prize was doubled to $50,000. This was a special add-on for the inaugural year of the award. This year the prize is $25,000 for the school and $5,000 for the teacher.
  • What's the deadline?
    The application is open from January 26 – March 19, 2021 at 3:00 PM CT at School principals, administrators, peers, and students can also nominate Amazon Future Engineer teachers, encouraging them to apply. Amazon will notify award recipients later this year.
  • How many award recipients will there be?
    Ten award recipients will be chosen from across the country from a range of grade-levels and geographic regions.
  • I’m not an Amazon Future Engineer Teacher – can I apply?
    This year, our Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year Awards are open to only Amazon Future Engineer teachers. Learn more about us on

    AFE Teachers are dedicated computer science and/or robotics teachers currently working in a Title 1 US School. Eligibile teachers must be registered with AFE and utilize one of our sponsored curriculums (, Edhesive, Bootup, or FIRST Robotics). If this describes you, but you aren't yet registerd with AFE, sign up today!

    Since we are always launching new programs for underserved schools, be sure to sign up to Stay Informed on new opportunities to join Amazon Future Engineer.
  • I still have more questions – who should I contact?
    Please e-mail: and we’ll get back to you ASAP.