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We support two curriculum providers for middle and high school. No matter which one you choose--or if you already use one—any computer science teacher at an underserved school in the US can join our program to receive a growing list of benefits to help you and your students.
Courses Offered
Middle School Courses
(Grades 6-8)
High School Intro to CS Courses
(Grades 9-10)
CS1 & 2
AP Computer Science Principles
(Grades 10-12)
AP Computer Science A
(Grades 11-12)
Professional Development
Free Asynchronous Online Training
Live Online Training (free in some areas)
In-Person Training Options (free in some areas)
Amazon Benefits
Posters and other materials to help recruit students
Priority booking for Career Talks with Amazon professionals (Class Chats)
About Our Providers

Code.org - CSD & CSP

Code.org uses engaging tools, videos, and classroom-tested teaching methods that lower barriers to learning and encourage diversity and equity in the classroom. Over 50 million students have learned with Code.org and Code.org’s immersive professional learning program has prepared over 100,000 CS teachers. Also, Amazon has funded a new AP CSA course that will arrive in fall 2022!

ProjectSTEM - Middle School, Intro, CSP & CSA

Project STEM’s introductory and AP courses are designed to meet the needs of both students and teachers across a broad spectrum of experience and need, from building foundational skills and introducing core computer science concepts to more advanced and rigorous coursework. New middle school course options are launching this fall.

CMU CS Academy - Intro to CS (CS0), CS1 & CSP

CMU CS Academy is an online, graphics-based auto-graded computer science curriculum taught in Python provided by Carnegie Mellon University. An interactive problem-solving curriculum with a focus on creativity provides students something that interests them, from art to games to creating their own algorithms. Middle and high school course options are available, including drop-in units for the AP CSP course that were developed in collaboration with Code.org using Python.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Amazon Future Engineer?
    We are a social impact organization within Amazon that provides equitable opportunities in computer science from childhood to career. Read our full program level FAQ.
  • How many schools are a part of Amazon Future Engineer?
    In 2019 we reached over 2,000 underserved schools in the US - Read about it here. We are now reaching even more schools — apply above to join!
  • Is this a free program?
    Yes! It is a free program designed to help more teachers than ever in underserved schools reach more students with computer science. We offer curriculum, professional development, and extra benefits to support teachers.
  • Where can I reach out if I have questions?
    Click on the application buttons above and our providers will answer your questions.