Teachers from underserved schools can support students to learn computer science through free curriculum and professional development provided by our curriculum partners.
District wide professional development to help elementary teachers integrate CS into their classrooms.
Free curriculum & benefits to help you teach, from multiple educational providers.
Explore Careers
Bring an Amazon employee to your class to deliver a virtual career talk and help your students better understand what it’s like to work in the tech industry... and what it takes to get there!
From our online store to your doorstep, discover how computer science, state-of-the-art engineering, and incredible people deliver customer orders at Amazon
Project Based Learning
Grades 4+ Alexa is headed to the moon on NASA's Artemis I mission this spring! Sign up for a live behind-the-scenes tour at Johnson Space Center and let students explore conversational AI by building Alexa skills.
Grades 2+ Can you code an Amazon Hercules robot to deliver your friend’s birthday present on time? Join this free, 3-hour virtual challenge to learn programming basics and discover how Amazon uses computer science to help fulfill customer orders. Recommended for grades 4 and above.
Your Voice Is Power
Grades 6+ Pharrell Williams, Georgia Tech, and Amazon invite you to engage your students in Your Voice is Power - an inspiring new learning experience that explores the ways music, computer science, and entrepreneurship can be tools to advance racial equity
Grades 6+ Join us for a five-day challenge that exposes students to trending careers and real world computational thinking practices in the field of app design, all through the lens of the global sneaker marketplace GOAT.