Students seated around a table, one young woman works on a computer, while another writes in a notepad with a pencil.

Free CS Courses

Amazon supports free computer science during COVID-19, the growing list of resources is below.
Grades 2-12. Students have fun while programming their own virtual robots. Amazon is providing free access to the CoderZ online educational environment where independent students or full classes can work on collaborative virtual missions linked to real world concepts and computer science learning standards.
Grades 6-12. Independent learners or teachers can take our free computer science courses through Edhesive. They include introductory computer science through advanced, including certified Advanced Placement coursework. Teachers can take online professional development.
Grades 6-12. Students can use code to remix real celebrity songs provided by Grammy Award Winning artists Ciara and Common. This experience is part of Georgia Tech's EarSketch, a free way to use music to learn to code.
From Our Partners Code Break

All Ages. is hosting Code Break every Wednesday, where the team and a special guest will teach students computer science at home while schools are closed. Every episode also includes a weekly challenge to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers! Students of all ages, including teachers and parents, are encouraged to tune in!

BootUp Project Lessons

Grades K-12. Kindergarten through high school students, parents, and teachers can utilize step-by-step lesson plans and coder resources designed by BootUp to create projects in the free Scratch and ScratchJr applications. Each lesson introduces a variety of coding concepts and practices while focusing on the creation of interesting and entertaining projects.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long are these resources free?
    Until at least Fall 2020. We will monitor the pandemic and long standing effects at that time to determine what sustainable supports we can provide.
  • Is this only for the US?
    At this time our focus is supporting the US where these educational tools are most aligned to the instructional landscape. The Celebrity Remix is in English but open to any and all gobal users who would like to take part.
  • Do I need internet or a device?
    Internet is required. For best experiences, a desktop capable device (chrome book, laptop or other) is recommended as none of these were developed for mobile.
  • What are other free resources?
    For Computer Science Learning, we recommend this list from Computer Science Teacher's Association. For broader learning opportunities, you can explore this grass roots list created by teachers in the US.
  • I still have more questions - who should I contact?
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