Amazon Cyber
Robotics Challenge

Discover how Amazon uses computer science and robotics daily to deliver customer goods

What is the challenge?

Can you code an Amazon Hercules robot to deliver your friend’s birthday present on time? Join this free, 3-hour virtual challenge to learn programming basics and discover how Amazon uses computer science to help fulfill customer orders. Recommended for grades 4 and above.

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1.Create a teacher account
Review the teacher manual, which you can access after creating an account.*

2. Register your students
Set up classes in the platform and use your class codes to register your students directly into your virtual classroom.

3. Complete the challenge
Carve out class time (~3 hours) to complete the challenge with students.


1. Create a student account
Compete on your own or share the opportunity with your class.*

2. Complete the challenge
Earn your spot on the leaderboard.

3. Submit final survey
Let us know how you enjoyed it!

*Sign-up will redirect you to CoderZ. All data submitted will be treated in accordance with CoderZ’s Privacy Policy.

Who will be my guide?

Meet Ashley and Abakir, two Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship recipients, as they introduce this year’s Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge! They will guide you through the challenge and teach you about their computer science journey.

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Video Companion


What languages are available and what countries can participate?

The challenge is currently available in US English and Spanish. UK English, Canadian French, European French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese will be available later this fall.

Anyone can participate, but only US teachers can win prizes at this time.

Can I try out the challenge without creating an account?

Yes! Click here to get started immediately on the first few missions. After you’ve completed a few challenges, you will be prompted to create a free account to continue.

If I'm a robotics coach, can I complete the challenge with my team?

Yes! Coaches should create a teacher account to directly enroll students into your virtual classroom.

If I'm a teacher, how does this fit into my classroom/curriculum?

Computer science and non-computer science teachers can use this challenge to start the school year by grounding student learning in real-life industry. No matter the grade-level, students can begin the year by understanding how what they will learn in class relates to future job opportunities. This can be a great bonus unit for any STEM/CS class or curriculum to help illuminate the “Why?” for your class.

The challenge can be broken into four 45 minute or three 60 minute lessons for any class (Intro to CS, AP CSP, science, math, etc) and is aligned to CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards. Teachers can review standards alignment in the teacher manual after creating their account.

If I'm a student, should I complete on my own or with my class?

Up to you! You can certainly complete the challenge on your own now! You can also share the opportunity with your classroom teacher to see if your entire class can participate.

What is the recommended grade-level for participation?

We currently recommend this challenge for students in grades 4 and up. However, you may always try it with younger learners and see how they do with your help!

Can I get access to CoderZ's regular courses, too?

If you are a low-income school (US Title 1 eligible), you may apply for an Amazon sponsorship here.

Is there a teacher guide or manual?

Yes! Teachers will receive an instructional manual after creating their account. The guide includes lesson plans, tips, and full instructions to make the Cyber Robotics Challenge awesome in your classroom.

Who can I contact for technical help?

For technical help, reach out to CoderZ within the coding platform by pressing “Help” in the bottom right screen. For questions about Amazon Future Engineer, email

Can I share this challenge with other teachers or friends?

Yes! Feel free to share. This challenge is open to everyone.
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